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What others are saying!


I live with Multiple Sclerosis and feel that chiropractic treatments have kept me out of a wheelchair.  You have to keep those muscles stimulated, or you lose them.  It keeps me going.  Therefore, I am not in any pain or discomfort. ~Judy M.

In 1986 I would drag my left leg when I walked; even with crutches.  Prior to that I had a disc operation and had a disc removed.  At this time I had two ruptured discs and was scheduled for another surgery.  Instead I got under chiropractic care.  I experienced results in a very short time.  Two weeks later I was walking with a cane, and in another two weeks I was walking on my own.  Now, at the advice of my chiropractor, I follow up with regular visits to maintain my present health.  It’s amazing what he does!  My wife and I both go there.  My chiropractor is a real asset to the community.  I am 66 now and I lead a fairly active lifestyle.  He keeps me in shape.  He keeps the pressure off the nerves and keeps me out of pain.  I can even ride my motorcycle and my tractor. ~Doug D.

I had a problem due to a build-up of fluid on my left knee which I thought was going to require surgery.  But, my chiropractor’s treatment, along with therapy and exercise, strengthened my knees.  Now my knees are in the best shape ever.  He was a blessing. ~Joey J.

I have been a patient for over 20 years.  The thing that I like about my chiropractor in particular is that they don’t use voodoo or machines.  It is all about the hands-on-manipulation of joints.  I am in my sixties and still play a great game of golf and am more efficient at work. ~Joe S.


"I came to Dr. Cason's office after relocating to the Denver area. I was seeing a chiropractor prior to relocating and needed to continue to maintain a pain-free lifestyle. Originally, I had difficulty standing, sitting, and performing daily functions. I had severe lower back and leg pain. After starting chiropractic care I was in much less pain. Daily routines and tasks such as sitting and standing were less painful and more comfortable. Chiropractic treatment allowed me to dance and function at my daughter's wedding." ~Donna L. Good, Recruiter & HR

"I had been feeling numbness in my arms at night and was having trouble sleeping. I was not able to get a full night's sleep, which caused me to be tired during the day and limit my ability to concentrate. Before visiting Dr. Cason I just used Aleve, hoping to minimize the discomfort. After a short time of chiropractic care my symptoms improved. Dr. Cason worked with me to explain what was causing my symptoms." ~ Chad Seigler, Marketing for NASCAR

"I have repeating neck aches, back aches, and hip pain resulting from a car accident and polio when I was a young child. The headaches were debilitating and would affect my work and daily activities such as walking, reading, watching TV, or driving. I also could not stand for a long time or walk far distances because my hips would hurt. I was tired of feeling discomfort and pain so I sought a solution. I asked my husband about chiropractic care, as well as my friends who had similar problems and experienced significant improvement with chiropractic. That led me to Dr. Cason. Dr. Cason put me on a treatment program with regular treatment and an overall plan to get me better. After a couple of weeks I noticed the changes. I usually am at a no pain level in my back and hips. My headaches have lessened. I am able to do things I could not do before. I am feeling great!" ~ Maria Boswell, Banker

"I had pulled a muscle in my neck and was not able to get rid of the pain. A coworker told me about her experience with Dr.Cason, and I came to get a free consultation. I was very excited about the treatment possibilities. Before treatment, my motion had been very limited and I was in constant pain. This caused me to be easily irritated and often grouchy. A doctor gave me over the counter pain medicine and a list of exercises, which did not give me relief. After Dr. Cason's care, my pain is gone and I feel more flexible. My range of motion is greater and my sleep cycles have improved. I also look forward to seeing the lady at the front desk. She is very nice and empathetic. Dr. Cason is very professional and trustworthy, and I feel very comfortable with my treatments here” ~ Jennifer Young, 5th Grade Teacher 

"I was not satisfied with treatment from another chiropractor before coming to Dr. Cason's office. I was seeking better treatment with longer lasting effects. My back problems prevented me from enjoying life to the fullest. I spent more time with doctors and less on the golf course. My left knee had hurt for six months and the right knee for 3 1/2, and after one adjustment from Dr. Cason, both knees have been pain free for 3 or 4 months--outstanding!!" ~ Ralph e. Cochrane, retired


Headaches & Neck Pain Treatment


Dr. Cason assisted VT Lee Boy, Inc. with our very first extremely successful employee health fair of 2008. He helped organize the event by coordinating his local area colleagues to attend the event. His “health and wellness” attitude of prevention and care was evident through the event, as many of our employees were counseled for examination and treatment. Dr. Cason exhibited himself in a professional and organized manner. ~Dennis W. Emo, HR manager, VT Lee Boy, Inc.

Dr. Cason fits into a very special and unique category of health practitioners. He genuinely cares about your health and wellness. I've been to many doctors and chiropractors over the years, feeling like just another patient. Let me say that you won't get that kind of experience with Dr. Cason. It was a pleasure for our church to partner with Dr. Cason at our first Touched Twice Clinic, which was a free health clinic for people in our area without health insurance. Dr. Cason's selfless service and compassion were evident from the very beginning. I know that you will see this when you go for yourself. ~Ben Rudolph, Pastor, Providence Church, Denver

Dr. Cason is a wonderful friend of mine, and through his abilities as a doctor you are able to feel his passion for chiropractic and his overall drive to educate the Denver area in total wellness! I continue to visit Dr. Cason, especially during my tennis season to keep my game at top levels. His recommendations, vision, and purpose for creating a wellness center to serve his patients truly makes Dr. Cason an asset to Denver and surrounding areas! Dr. Cason's attention and dedication to his patients is a leading quality that sets him apart from others, and I highly recommend his services. ~Amber Holbrooks, Field Sales Admin., Ryan Homes-CTN

Dr. Cason and Curves of Denver joined together to educate our community about the benefits of proper health and fitness. I  also confided in Dr. Cason with some issues I was having with my health. For quite some time, I have experienced neck pain, upper back pain, and frequent headaches. Dr. Cason assured me he could help. Dr. Cason took x-rays and gave me an adjustment the 1st visit. The next day I felt great. I have found Dr. Cason to be very convenient for me on his hours of operation and his location, not to mention his wait time is slim to none. ~Curves of Denver member
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Low Back & Hip Pain Treatmentto see me.”


I came to Dr. Cason's office because of severe hip pain and lower back pain. It impacted me getting in and out of bed, walking on hard surfaces, shopping, exercising, standing, and working in the yard. I tried going to the regular physician, an orthopedic doctor, physical therapy, and an exercise club. After I started chiropractic care, my symptoms were less frequent, the pain was less severe, and I needed no more medication. ~Betty H. Stegall, retired

I was experiencing headaches and lower back pain that was so painful I couldn't move. It prevented me from doing practically anything. Sleeping was uncomfortable, rolling over was impossible, and walking was crippling since I hit the floor every time I tried to put weight on my leg. Doing any activity such as driving, going to work, or attempting to take care of my husband and daughter were non-existent. The first time it happened two years ago, I tried using mild medicine and went to my obstetrician since I was pregnant at the time. The most recent incident was only relieved by using four Advil at a time several times a day. After going to Cason Chiropractic, I was able to go back to work by day 2. After a few more visits I wasn't having back pain or headaches anymore. My digestion is better and Dr. Cason even helped me with my sinus infections. What a relief!" ~April Lee, Executive Assistant and Mom

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