One of the most common things patients come into my office in Denver, NC looking for is neck pain relief. When their neck is bothering them, they can’t work, can’t drive, they can’t do things around the house they need to because of the pain in their neck.

Why do they have this neck pain?

I see two main reasons:

  1. Muscle spasms

  2. Inflammation

I look to reduce the inflammation in the joint, that happens as the joint is not moving properly. The body tries to heal this on an everyday basis and it becomes chronic inflammation.

The other thing I see is the body trying to support itself. The muscles in the area of the unstable joint that isn’t moving properly are going to try to grip that area of instability and support the joint because the delicate nervous system is in there. Those spasms become painful over time.

So to provide neck pain relief, my patients come in to get a chiropractic adjustment by me regularly. With the chiropractic adjustment, it will eliminate muscle spasms. It will reduce inflammation. And it will improve your joint’s performance. When we adjust the neck to take the pressure off the nerve, you get better and neck pain goes away!

Check out the video to see how I adjust a heavy machinery mechanic who spends a lot of time commuting to different job sites and when he gets there is in many uncomfortable positions to work on the machines. I address the misalignment in the upper back and neck.

An important thing to remember is that your body is getting used every day. And maintaining good alignment is similar to losing weight or building muscle. You need to be maintaining this regularly to see the long term health benefits from chiropractic.

If you are struggling with neck pain in the Denver, NC area stop by my office, I do same day appointments! I am mobile 3 days per week performing chiropractic adjustments for people in Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson, and Charlotte at their homes or place of business.

Contact me today with any questions.