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For the past 10 years my Chiropractic services have helped many families and community members in Denver, North Carolina experience health in a way natural to the laws of human biophysics.

I believe it is not only important to help a patient live pain free but to also teach them how to make healthy decisions. Patient education and awareness are key elements in our clients’ experiences. This ensures the patient will get back to their optimal lifestyle and be able to maintain their health long term. I perform chiropractic adjustments at my main office in Denver, NC and provide OnSite mobile chiropractic services at your location in the Charlotte, Huntersville, Cornelius and Davidson.


What is chiropractic?


Taking A Natural Systemic Approach To Healing 

Chiropractic is an overall way of looking at the human body. It's based on the idea that the body is self-sustaining and self-healing. The body is in essence completely controlled by the brain through its connection via the spinal cord and the vast networks of nerves that make up the body. When this system is not functioning at its peak, the overall performance of the human body is lacking. 

In the chiropractic world, drugs and medicine are not utilized as a form of treating a patient. While supplementation and nutrition are almost always a part of the bigger picture, drugs and prescriptions can be viewed as band-aids to treat symptoms rather than going to the source and treating the real problem. 

While it's often perceived that the chiropractor is solely here to treat back and neck pain, this is simply a small piece of what the profession really is capable of handling. Chiropractors not only treat soft and hard tissue problems such as sciatica and joint pain, but are largely called on to deal with more significant issues. Some of these issues include fibromyalgia, allergies, insomnia, headaches and many more.

Who needs chiropractic?

Everyone. People who want to strengthen and improve their lives by having their body work at its optimal potential. The way it was designed to operate: efficiently and effectively. Here is why: Your Central Nervous System - Your brain and spinal cord - is the most important system in your body. It is the master control. It coordinates with all your organs all the way down to the very last cell and chiropractic removes interference from this process.

Highly recommend Dr. Blake Cason. Without his expert weekly adjustments, it would be impossible to keep a 5 day/week training schedule at 47 years young.

- Jeffrey Boone