The three biggest advantages of my chiropractic membership:

  1. You receive 24 hour access to Dr. Cason.

  2. You are being Proactive vs. Reactive with your spine health.

  3. Mobile OnSite chiropractic visits.

The patient experience is extremely important to me. I have chosen to offer chiropractic membership plans instead of the traditional co-pay single visit method thats very common among other chiropractors. Here are some of the biggest reasons why I’ve made this switch and what advantages they give you.

1: Time. The first advantage is 24 hour access to Dr. Cason. Whether a patient has a simple question outside of the standard business hours, or if they are having an emergency going on and they need to contact me. I make myself available to all my members.

I also respect that you are busy. You have a lot going on with your schedule, between daily life, work, and family. That’s why I make it easy for you to come in and get adjusted. Scheduled appointments are available if you prefer, but once you become a member here, walk in appointments are encouraged. Most of my patients take advantage of this on Monday’s and Friday’s. A typical patient experience is to come to my Denver, NC location, and get your walk in chiropractic adjustment. The average wait time to see me is about 5-10 minutes. I know you don’t have time to spend waiting and I value you having a great experience while feeling better.

2: Proactive. The second advantage is that you are being Proactive with your health vs being reactive. This is why I so highly recommend regular chiropractic adjustments. Being proactive with your health will have you feeling better consistently, for the long term. And it does this while being much more cost efficient than being reactive. If you are reactive you risk waiting until the problem is so bad that you require expensive surgeries, or worse, it can’t be corrected. Trying to work backwards from damage and misalignments caused by the wear and tear of your daily life is always harder on your body and your budget in the long term.

This is why I designed my membership with regular chiropractic adjustments in mind. Your membership will give you access to as many adjustments as you require. This varies from person to person depending on the situation, but it is to your advantage to come in and get adjusted. You do not need to consider a co-pay every time you come in for an adjustment. The regular chiropractic adjustments will have you feeling better and correcting the small misalignments that happen during your daily life, preventing future injuries. When a new patient comes to me, we’re going to find a solution, and we’re going to fix the problem. But it is not a cure. What we’re going to be doing is preventing this problem from happening again.

3. Mobile Onsite Chiropractic Adjustments. The advantage my membership offers that you can not get anywhere else is mobile chiropractic visits. During the middle of the week I travel to corporate locations to adjust people at work or I’ll adjust them at their home. My mobile chiropractic care area covers Denver, Huntersville, Lincolnton, Cornelius, Davidson and Charlotte NC. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to come to my office I am available to go to you! If your company would benefit from your employees feeling better and having better health, I will come to your business and adjust them.

I am definitely available if emergencies come up and you need help.