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Knee Pain: Leading causes behind knee pain I see in my patients

The leading causes behind knee pain I see bringing patients into my office are:

  • Muscle imbalance

  • Joint weakness

  • Inflammation

  • Nerve Flow

When a patient tells me he has knee pain, right off the bat I’m looking to see where that muscle imbalance is coming from. Usually you’ll see an imbalance on one side or the other, front or back, or even the top of the leg. But a lot of the time I see the knee is actually responding to something that’s going on somewhere else. It could be related to the low back, the hip or even as high as the neck. This is because when one area moves, the area below there is going to compensate. Over time this causes a muscle imbalance to occur.

When the muscle imbalance occurs, this leads us into joint weakness. This is something that happens over time and it adds to the same problem. With the help of chiropractic adjustments on these issues, we can get the knee moving properly again.

If you haven’t had the knee treated, and there has been some muscle imbalance and joint weakness going on around the knee, this will cause inflammation. I commonly see chronic inflammation. Inflammation that has been there for years of a patients life. This is due to the fact the joint isn’t moving properly. The knee is a weight bearing joint and you are going to use it everyday. This inflammation builds up because the body is trying to heal itself. If it’s there for a long enough time, it can actually become permanent. So you want to make sure you get that checked out. This is especially important for athletes, particularly if you’ve had an injury recently. You want to prevent that from getting worse over time.

My personal favorite: Nerve flow. This is what I’m always going to look for in my chiropractic office. I want to make sure the message from the brain through the spine is getting to the rest of your body and down into your legs. Especially to that knee. The root cause of the knee problem is usually the spinal joint being misaligned which affects the knee. When I fix that joint, that is going to improve the nerve flow. It will be restored to its proper state.

That is what I look for to help with knee pain in my Denver, NC chiropractic office. If you are having issues with your knee and I can be of service please contact me with any questions or to set up a consultation.

Lower Back Pain: What causes it and how to relieve it with Dr. Blake Cason. Chiropractor in Denver, NC.

One of the most common reasons people go to a medical doctor is lower back pain. The back pain becomes so bad it starts to affect them on a daily basis. Whether it is stuff they like to do around the house, things with their family, hobbies, or things they are required to do for work.

Typical responses from medical doctors are to prescribe anti-inflammatories or muscle relaxers. Or they will be sent to a physical therapists office. But let’s take a look at what’s happening to cause this lower back pain.

The movable joints are protecting your spinal cord. Your spinal cord carries information from your spine to the rest of your body. When a misalignment occurs, it puts pressure on that system. It can send your body into a panic mode. The muscles in that area “grip up” to support that area of instability. This is what causes the muscle to spasm and cause pain, sometimes making you unable to move.

While the muscle relaxers may reduce the pain temporarily, but the problem is still in there. The body is trying to protect that area with the muscle spasm.

When I see a patient come to me with low back pain, I always start with a chiropractic adjustment to the low back area. This will greatly reduce the pain from the muscle spasms and pinched nerves in this area. Pinched nerves in the low back area also cause other symptoms you may not realize are related. Such as diarrhea, constipation, IBS and acid reflux. It is very important to get a chiropractic adjustment on a regular basis to ensure your lower back is functioning properly. This reduces back pain, it improves digestion and after we start adjusting that lower back area I can find the area of imbalance. I will see where the weak muscle? Where is the tight spasm muscle?

I help you strengthen the weak muscles and relax and stretch the tight muscles in your back. I show you how to do these stretches so these muscles can come back into balance. This allows the chiropractic adjustments to last a lot longer.

If you have any questions I can help with, feel free to contact me at 704-820-0147.

Dr. Blake Cason